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Written review (includes stuff not mentioned here in the...

Written review (includes stuff not mentioned here in the video!): http://lucycorsetry.com/2013/04/16/meschantes-rtw-waist-training-corset-review/

Ready-to-wear size chart:

You can purchase the corset in nude or in black here:
MAIN STORE: http://www.meschantes.com/rtw_cincher.html
ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MeschantesCorsetry?section_id=6740982
EBAY: http://www.ebay.ca/sch/katabeau/m.html

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Royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)
Songs: “As I Figure” and “Modern Jazz Samba”
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Disclosure: I purchased this corset. This is an unsolicited review, and all opinions are my own.

Meschantes RTW Waist Training Corset Review | Lucy’s Corsetry Read more on: http://vixenempire.com

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Wednesday Workout Recap

Race day is coming.  Oh, it’s coming.  Thankfully, this was a step back week, so it wasn’t toooooo terrible.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Long interval swim sets.  Yay?  Actually, I really like these.  Mentally, it’s nice to break my swim into three or four long intervals rather than a bunch of shorter repeats.

Wednesday – Trainer ride plus a 3 mile run.  And I got a new baby niece today too!

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.  Oh, my legs.

Friday – Rest Day NUMBER TWO for the week. Glory of glories.  Got a massage that hurt way worse than the previous day’s swim.

Saturday – 40 mile ride on some lovely local hills.  This felt pretty fantastic.

Sunday – Unplanned rest day. My knee was giving me some trouble so I dropped the planned 6 miler for rest and stretching.  Feels much better already so who knows.  Can you sleep on your knee wrong?

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healthy Recipe: Cilantro Lime Shrimp- Cooking Panda

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Does waist training really work? Well this video is all about...

Does waist training really work? Well this video is all about the experiences I had while waist training. Im just sharing my thoughts and tips for anyone interested in waist training. And for those who are interested in waist training I recommend that you talk to your doctor prior to doing anything. Please enjoy and if you have any questions just leave them below or connect with me on my social media for further information.

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1) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-Waist-Trimmer-Belt/26612953


3) Could’t find the seller but if you look on amazon you can find a similar one.

WAIST TRAINING | DOES IT REALLY WORK ? Read more on: http://vixenempire.com

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Core & Lower Body Burn AMRAP Workout #4: Alex- 10 Min

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OPEN ME!! Thanks for watching! Rate, comment, &...

Thanks for watching! Rate, comment, & subscribe!!!!!

My1 week update and im loving the results so far. Initial review link below.

Corset purchased from www.instagram.com/yourcloset1
Prices are Full Vest and Regular cotton vest

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Fellow Friendly Cyclists

yorgunum / Pixabay

This weekend was a step back weekend for me.  I don’t know when a 40 mile ride became an easy ride, but it was nice to only have 40 miles facing me.

For those of you who know the local area, I went out and did the Columbia tri course, looping the top of the lollipop three times to get my miles in (and plenty of hill work too).

It’s a pretty popular route to bike, and I saw plenty of people out riding.  One thing that I love about cycling is how friendly everyone is.  As I was getting my bike out of the car, there were other ladies getting ready for a ride, so we chatted for a bit and wished each other luck.  They passed me a bit later and wished me luck on my ride.

All along the route, I came upon friendly cyclists.  Lots of hellos and good mornings as we passed, often going in opposite directions.  Chatting at stop signs.  Conversations when stopped for water at a local gas station.  Just lots of nice people out there.

Of course, it’s not like it’s this 1950’s television show of friendliness.  Plenty of people pass without a word or a wave. And that’s fine too, no problems there (though everyone appreciates when cyclists call out when they pass from the rear).  But in general, it’s a very friendly community.

Obviously, not every cyclist is friendly.  But there is a somewhat popular blogger out there who talks about how every single cyclist she passes makes a negative comment or says something horrible to her.  Given my experience, I just don’t see that happening.  People are relatively friendly, and those who aren’t probably just ignore the other cyclists.  No one has time to be excessively rude.

I know some people get nervous about riding with others or riding outside because they’re worried about what other people will think.  That definitely isn’t something to worry about.  For the most part, cyclists are just happy to see other cyclists out riding.  You’ll see the hardcore riders out training intensely, you’ll see people out for a nice easy ride, and you’ll see everyone in between.


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