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Are yall ready to do this? No excuses lets make an effort to...

Are yall ready to do this? No excuses lets make an effort to drop a few pounds for the new year. Are ya’ll with me?

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Treadmill Tips and Tricks


With all of the snow and cold weather, I have been seeing a lot of comments from people who are stuck doing their run training on a treadmill.  And many of those people are struggling with getting in longer runs on the treadmill.  I even saw someone say that they struggle with getting in even a mile before they get bored.

I have learned to love my treadmill, so here are some tips and tricks that I have learned to get me through.

Cover the display

You know the saying that a watched pot never boils?  Well, watching the miles tick away on the treadmill display makes it feel like your workout is never going to end.  Watching the clock is never good for anyone.  So cover up the screen with a towel.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to accidentally run way too many miles.  Move the towel every so often to check where you are in the workout and you’ll realize that the time is flying by.

Play with the settings

Running intervals on a treadmill helps pass the time.  My coach currently has me doing some faster miles in the middle of my long runs.  It breaks up the workout, which helps with the monotony.  So consider adding some additional speed.  And what about the incline?  Adding some incline work can change up way you’re using your muscles.  I’m not saying you should be running at 9%, but maybe bump up a half percent or a full percent for a bit during your workout.

Distract yourself

I’m lucky.  I own my own treadmill, so I have it located where I can watch tv while I run.  One thing that I like to do is that if I have a big workout that I’m dreading, I make sure that I have something I really want to watch.  Maybe that’s a movie, maybe it’s a tv show that I have waited to watch until my workout.  I know some people take iPads to the gym with them and watch that way.  Just be sure you don’t knock your iPad onto the floor.

When I used to go to the gym, I would let myself watch total trash tv while running.  Keeping up with the Kardashians style shows.  There’s always something trashy on somewhere.

If you don’t have (or don’t want) the tv option, consider podcasts or audiobooks.  Music is great, but songs are so short that I start to think about how much time is passing.  “Well, that was two more songs, so I have to be at least another mile in.  Wait, I’m not?”  But something longer, especially listening to a story, really helps.  Podcasts are in right now, and there are a ton of great ones out there.  If there’s a subject you like, there’s probably a podcast about it.  And they’re free!  I also really like audiobooks.  I can rent them from my library, but an Audible subscription isn’t bad either, especially when you think about how long an audiobook is.  Having a book read to you can easily take 8-10 hours, so that’s a number of solid workouts covered.  Or just get the Harry Potter books in audio form.  Those last forever.

These are some really simple tips, but they’re what gets me through a long treadmill run.  I did ten miles earlier this week, and will probably have a longer run coming up soon.  Would I love to be outside?  Yes.  But it’s all going to depend on weather.  I’d rather stay safe and run inside than risk falling and injuring myself right before a race.

Now… what should I watch next?

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woensdag 27 januari 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

I have to be honest, I have no idea what day it is.  I haven’t left my block since Thursday night.  But my calendar tells me it’s Wednesday so it must be time for a workout recap.

Monday – Did Sunday’s 9 mile run.  On the treadmill.  Still dealing with a lingering cough, but I’ll probably live.

Tuesday – Trainer workout.  Kicked my ass.  People who complain that the bike trainer isn’t a good workout aren’t doing it right.

Wednesday – 3 mile run.  Very sluggish.

Thursday – My triumphant return to swim!  I wore the sweet swim cap that Kim gave me for my birthday as promised.  This one was hard.  I’m wearing out for sure.

Friday – The shoveling begins.

Saturday – More shoveling and 20 miles on the trainer.

Sunday – More shoveling.  Got on the treadmill to run 10, got through less than a quarter mile, realized it wasn’t happening, decided to put it off til the next day.  I really have to get back to a normal schedule.

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Shred Camp Total Body Workout #3: Sweat Factor- Maddie & Amanda

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The Internet is Not Private

gfergu1 / Pixabay

Right now, there are a couple of runDisney related Facebook groups seemingly fighting with each other.  I’ll be honest, I find it pretty amusing.  What it ultimately comes down to is that people forget that nothing on the internet is private.  Okay, so maybe you can have your secret Facebook group where no one else can see what’s in it but the members.  But any one of those members can take the information that you post there and share it elsewhere.  And if you’re in a public group?  It’s public.  Anyone can see it.

I’ve seen people get upset when they get called out for cheating at a race, for wearing someone else’s bib during a race even though the race doesn’t allow bib transfers, for having someone carry their bib so they get a good proof of time for corral placement.

Do the crime, do the time.  And if you’re going to do the crime, maybe don’t make it so obvious in your online postings that you’ve cheated.

But I think more importantly, people need to remember that the internet is a giant public space. And it lasts forever.  Just because you delete something doesn’t mean that it’s gone.  There are these things called archives.  Companies do tape backups.  Someone may have taken a screenshot of what you posted.  You just don’t know.

Does this mean I’m telling you to not use the internet?  Clearly not.  I write a blog.  I love the internet.  But you need to consider what you’re posting.  Sometimes I wonder if this has to do with age and whether or not you grew up with social media.  I did not.  Facebook came into existence once I was out of college.  And I remember friends saying “Hey, don’t post pictures of me holding a drink online because I don’t want my boss to see that, even though I’m old enough to legally drink.”  Because we wanted to be cautious.

I try to make a point to not post anything online that I would be embarrassed by if confronted with it.  That doesn’t mean I don’t post things I’m not proud of – when a race goes wrong, I’m the first to talk about it.  But for me, it’s also a learning experience and I’m proud that I didn’t quit.  And if I accidentally do something stupid or injure myself in a ridiculous manner, I’m the first to share it on Twitter because if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing out on a great part of life.

What I’m saying is “Consider your words before you share.”

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Relax & Restore Yoga Workout for Mobile: 15 Min- BeFiT GO

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Please take this video as it is: An informative message, a...

Please take this video as it is: An informative message, a positive video. I am not putting anyone down. I love all of you! Thumbs up, Subscribe, Comment!

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The Calm After the Storm


What a lovely day it is outside.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the only sound outside is the scrape of distant snowplows.

The picture above shows the side porch of my house.  When I started shoveling, the snow on the porch was at the top of the recycle bin, and it wasn’t apparent that there were stairs.  I felt like I was digging a hole to try to get down to the sidewalk.  In fact, I thought I had hit the sidewalk when I was only at the last step.

Why did I dig this hole?  I thought it would probably be good to be able to get to the trash can.  And I’m a glutton for punishment.  Today, I may attempt to dig the end of the sidewalk to the street.  I live on a corner lot, so the sidewalk in front of my house goes all the way to the street.  I did not dig out that far because it was just going to get plowed in at the intersection.  The snow there is… possibly taller than I am, though I think it has settled some since last night.  It’s not like I’ve seen anyone out attempting to use these sidewalks (most people are walking down the street), but I should be a good neighbor and give it a shot.

I’m actually pretty lucky.  My little jurisdiction has their own plows and the drivers have been hard at work.  If I wanted to, I could get my car out on the road.  I do not want to, but it’s possible.  Having talked to friends and coworkers in the area, I realize this is a rarity.  Many people have yet to see a single plow.  So it’s going to take a while to dig out.  Of course, that also tells me that if I were to get in my car, I probably wouldn’t get far anyway.

Everything’s pretty much shut down in the DC area.  Metro is only running partial service on three lines.  I know how lucky I am to be able to work from home.  Technically, the government is closed, but at my agency, if you have a telework agreement, you work on a snowday.  I’m okay with the tradeoff – I get the benefits of teleworking at other times of the year, and this way I don’t fall too far behind in my work.

So… we’ll see how long I’m at home.  No long runs happening outside anytime soon for me – unless I want to do laps up and down my block along the sidewalk.  Which I do not.


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Cardio Hip Hop Dance Routine: BeFiT Trainer Open House-Gabriella Kaiser

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********More info & where else to find me ******** I am...

********More info & where else to find me ********

I am using the xs Ann Chery sport 3 hook waist trainer and I got it from ebay for about £40 :)

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Lose Fat with Prebiotics: Health Hack- Thomas DeLauer

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Liveblogging the Blizzard of 2016 – Part 2

Welcome to part two of my live blog.  If you missed part one, check it out here.


7:45am – I wake up because a cat is pawing at my face.  I guess it’s morning.  I can hear the furnace running, so this is a good sign.  Means I still have power.  Let’s see what it looks like outside.

Looking out the window, it’s hard to say what’s going on out there.


I mean, the firepit is gone and the large planter is almost MIA, but maybe it’s not that bad.

So I decided to take my trusty yardstick and go outside.

Shouldn't there be a step down here?

Shouldn’t there be a step down here?


And I know these are stairs.

14 inches. Yikes.

14 inches. Yay?

So we’re officially at 14 inches at my house and it’s still coming down pretty steadily.  it’s not super windy here, though there are occasional gusts.  Fingers crossed.

8:15am – Instances of cat barf cleaned: 1.

8:30am – I could only convince the cat to check out the front porch, where there’s about 4 inches of snow.  This furry little jerk tends to howl at the front door, demanding to go outside, so of course, I had to let him out in the snow.


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A woman by the name of Penny, is looking to have scars removed...

A woman by the name of Penny, is looking to have scars removed from her chest implants and doctors were shocked she her unhealthy waist training. She revealed that she wears a corset for more than 20 hours a day to keep her waist as small as possible.

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- Premature Baby Amazes Doctors: http://dailym.ai/21it0Tm
- 19 Month old baby that can read: http://dailym.ai/1R8XhPY
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Liveblogging the Blizzard of 2016

So… there’s a blizzard coming.  And because I will be stuck in my house for the foreseeable future, I thought I would try liveblogging the storm.  I’m not sure anyone will find this interesting except my mom, but I thought it might be a fun record to have.

Besides, it’s my blog.  I can do what I want.  So here we go.


7:00am – My boss is amazing and told us yesterday that we could telework today.  So I just got out of bed.  I’m exasperated, but not surprised that the federal government opted to open today.  Basically, the offices are open and employees can telework (if eligible), take a vacation day, or they can go in and then leave 4 hours early, but no later than noon.  They’re calling this a staggered departure to prevent everyone from being on the road at once, but I can think of one person in my office who might leave before 4 pm on a normal day.  The snow is supposed to start between 12 and 2.   This is a terrible idea.


The sunrise was really pretty today. The calm before the storm? Only time will tell.

8:00am – This quote from the local forecasters is interesting:

The way in which the system is presently developing also argues for the unbelievably-high totals to occur somewhere in this event. That somewhere could be here or very close by.

Yay snow?

8:50am – Pippin is hunkered down, ready for the snow.  Yes, I put a blanket in front of the heating vent for him.  Don’t judge me.


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Become a Genster ♥ http://www.youtube.com/princessgenecia Links...

Become a Genster ♥ http://www.youtube.com/princessgenecia
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Wednesday Workout Recap

… or not.

Yep, this one was a joke.  In my defense, on Monday, I realized I was getting sick with a cold.  And I was still in Florida.  So I walked a lot.  Does that count?  I say it does.

Tuesday through Thursday, I was in bed early trying to fight off the cold.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the Disney crud this bad, and I shouldn’t have been that run down.  Is this what happens when you get old?  I’m officially on the downward slide to 40 and my immune system has hit retirement?

By Friday, I was feeling marginally better, so I did an easy 45 minute bike ride. It went about as well as you would imagine, seeing as I had been sick for so long.

Saturday I went for a Bike Fit by Smiley and if you are a local cyclist, GO!  I haven’t been happy on my tri bike for a while, even though I went back to the store a few times to get the fit right.  Going back to the store is no longer an option since it closed, so upon the recommendation of three separate people, I went to see Smiley and I’m so glad I did.  He works out of his garage and isn’t trying to sell you anything, so he’s really looking for what’s best for you and your bike, not what he has in the shop that will work.  It can be hard as a bigger cyclist to go into these experts, but I never once felt like I was a lesser customer to him.  In fact, some of the big adjustments he wanted to make were things I had asked the bike shop about (bringing my elbow pads back, pedal spacers) and things they said really weren’t done.  Considering my road bike has pedal spacers, this seems obvious.

Of course, since he doesn’t have parts in stock, he sent me away to buy pedal spacers and I have to come back so we can perfect the fit, but it’s one way to know I’m not being sold something I don’t need.

That evening, I rode for a little over an hour before my lungs decided enough was enough, but the fit already feels better.  Now I just need to work on my hamstring flexibility and my core strength so I can be even happier in aero.

Sunday I opted to not run and took down the Christmas tree instead.  It was time.

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Pilates Body Weight Routine: Amber's Quick Arm Workout- Hip Studio

Still embarking on my weight loss journey for change. Loving my...

Still embarking on my weight loss journey for change. Loving my new body as I continue to be the best me. Training my waist has shown great progress. The trainer has also helped with my posture and eating.

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dinsdag 19 januari 2016

Oh no! Snow!

IMG_1714There is snow in the forecast.

And you would think the world is ending.

Admittedly, the DC area does not handle snow well.  On the radio this morning, the meteorologist described the storm as a “disruptive weather event.”  The host commented back, “What are we talking, because snow flurries are a disruptive weather event here.”

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

There is possible snow coming (or maybe just rain) and the people in my office are in a total panic.  Lots of talk about hitting the grocery store early and stocking up in case they get snowed in.  Now, if you notice the forecast above, the snow may start on Friday, but with the warmup on Monday, it’s not as if someone is going to get trapped in their house for a week.  If you usually do your grocery shopping on the weekends, I can see hitting the store early, but really, you’re probably going to be okay.  Make sure you have milk for the kids plus sugar and vanilla for snow ice cream.

I have cat food and Kind bars and wine, so my mom would say that I’m well prepared.

Of course, this means I will probably be doing my long run inside again this weekend.  Yes, I could go out in the cold and snow, but given my luck, I would find all of the ice and fall.  But it’s not the end of the world.

That said, part of me wants to go to the grocery store to just watch the crazy eyed people.  When snow hits the forecast, it’s like they go insane.  No one needs a cart filled with toilet paper just because the snow is coming.  Really.  You’ll be okay with just one bulk package.

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Here is where you can find items and prices: http://yourcloset1lipogel.storenvy.com

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maandag 18 januari 2016

Cigna Blogger Event Recap

Now that I’m almost recovered from my cold, it’s past time I do a recap of the awesome Cigna blogger event that I was invited to during Disney Marathon Weekend.  Cigna is the main sponsor of marathon weekend and it was great to be a part of their blogger event.

This year’s event was themed “Go.  Know. Take Control.”  We learned a lot about preventing common health issues, while having quite a bit of fun in the process.


The event started with a quick meal where we got to meet other bloggers, then we were divided into teams.  I loved this because I got to meet all sorts of new people and meet a few people “in real life” instead of just online.

We learned a lot through playing games.  There were multiple choice questions where you had to perform an action to “call out” your answer.  Doing squats, jumping up and down, all sorts of of fun things.  (Well, I’m not sure squats are ever fun, but you know what I mean.)  I was proud of myself for knowing a lot of the info about things like a healthy BMI and good cholesterol numbers, but some of the facts were pretty shocking.

Cigna did a study of their insurance holders and 45% of them didn’t know they should have an annual checkup.  And if you have insurance, this checkup is free, so all 45% of them were missing out on a hugely important health resource.

I get it.  A lot of people think “Oh, I’m healthy.  Why do I need to go to the doctor?”  And I get it.  I’m relatively healthy too.  But you know what I can’t tell from how I feel or look?  My cholesterol numbers.  My blood glucose numbers.  My blood pressure (okay, sometimes I can feel that rising).  And your annual checkup can tell you other things as well.  Cigna profiled a 50-year-old man whose doctor discovered his cancer thanks to preventative screenings.  Early detection, early cure.  The same goes with my mom and her breast cancer.

As I have discussed before, my test numbers aren’t bad (well, my BMI isn’t good, but it’s getting there).  But they could be improved.  So I have taken charge of my health and am working to prevent any problems before they start.

You can learn more on Cigna’s website.  They have a lot of great tips on how to improve those key numbers.  This is something that I find hugely important, so I’m not just sharing it because I went to Cigna’s event.  I’m under no obligation to write any of this, but I really think that preventative health care is so important.  And if it’s covered under your insurance, what are you waiting for?  GO!

Back to the event.  Apparently, I was at the smart table, because ultimately, we won the competition.  Personally, I think it was all about our skill at picking up penne noodles using a spaghetti noodle held between our teeth.  But look at our delight in winning!


I am clearly super excited here. I like to win.

And then, some special guests came in to say hello.


This girl is never going to turn down a chance to get a photo with Mickey and Minnie – though next year, maybe Minnie can be playing football too.


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Genetic Training Workout: High Volume- Ashley Kaltwasser

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zaterdag 16 januari 2016

Are you interested in a waist training plan that is easy to...

Are you interested in a waist training plan that is easy to follow?? I have tried waist training and it worked for me! Check out the video to see if I am going to do it again and how.

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vrijdag 15 januari 2016

2016 Disney Marathon Weekend Cheering Recap

Did you see this sign along the race course? That's me!

Did you see this sign along the marathon course? That’s me!

After the very hard work of 10k running, on Saturday and Sunday last weekend, I was out cheering the half marathoners and marathoners at Disney World.  I was lucky enough to be out with a pretty fabulous group of cheer squad members.

Saturday morning, I was up at 5 (yes, I got to sleep in) and out cheering around 5:45 at the Grand Floridian.  We had a bunch of friends running the half, including my parents, so we were excited to get out there and cheer.  I, of course, had failed to bring my cowbell, so I was stuck clapping.  Cowbells = way more awesome.  Thankfully, Katie had a fabulous cowbell that drove everyone around us crazy.  We showed up in time for the first wheelchair racer to come through and stayed until the “parade bus” (aka the sweeper bus) made its way through.  And yet we still managed to not spot Paula Radcliffe.  That’s what happens when it’s dark, I guess.  I was really impressed by the reactions we got from some of the super fast people.  A lot of them took a second to sort of wave or smile in our direction.  I guess they’re not used to crazies getting up so early to cheer.

Sunday morning was my birthday, so I put on my fabulous birthday hat and headed back out.  Katie’s mom had made me the fabulous birthday sign above.  I’m pretty sure I’m in a lot of pictures.  I also discovered a lot of people share my birthday and chose to run a marathon to celebrate.  While I admire their spirit, I do not regret my decision to cheer instead.  We started out at the Grand Floridian, cheered for every single racer, including the sweeper busses and trucks picking up the equipment.  I think the cast members enjoyed the applause they got from Nathan.  He certainly enjoyed the trucks.

We had a lot of friends running, but I was mainly stalking my dad and Kim, who were somewhat running together.  They hadn’t met before that morning, but when Kim swore to me that she would find him at race start, I knew it would happen.  As everyone came past, we had lots of happy runners, which we enjoyed seeing.  This year, we didn’t see anyone trying to jump into the race at mile 7, which was reassuring.  Of course, we heard about numerous cheaters later, but it was nice to not see it in person this year.

After the last runner came through (and the trucks), we took our cheer break and went inside to eat a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Cheering is hard work, and let me tell you, those people aren’t lying when they say their arms are tired from holding their sign.

Then it was back out and over to Epcot to cheer runners as they exited the park and ran past the gospel choir.  It’s a great spot to cheer because we see runners in every emotional state.  Lots of smiles and laughter, lots of happy tears, and lots of people just gutting it out to finish.  And of course, lots of people who have stopped to get snacks along the way.  We saw lots of beers, margaritas, frozen drinks, hot pretzels, and even some tacos and fish and chips.  Which is not what I would want to eat after running 25 miles, but to each his own.

Lots of friends came through, including my dad, who had this look on his face that said “What the hell am I doing?”  This is why I am in marathon retirement, Dad.  But then he saw us and smiled and headed to the finish.  We got lots of sweaty hugs from lots of awesome friends and cheered all the way to the last runner.  We even saw our new cheer friend, who we met Saturday morning.

One girl was slogging along very close to the end of the runners and all of a sudden, she put on a huge burst of speed and tore towards the finish.  It was hugely impressive and everyone cheered for her.  She was going to finish no matter what.  It was also great to see all the Team in Training coaches helping people along, even people who weren’t TNT members.  Those coaches have to put in an insane number of miles during a race.

And then the race was over and it was off to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.  What a fun way to spend my birthday!

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♡ Open Me 4 More Info ♡ W A T C H I N H ...

♡ Open Me 4 More Info ♡ W A T C H I N H D!!!!!

Hey dolls!! I wanted to share with you my waist training journey. I have been waist training/corset training for 4 weeks.


How To Create A Lace Closure Custom Wig





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donderdag 14 januari 2016

2015 Disney 10K Race Report

runDisney 10K Medal

This year, I opted to take it very easy (for me) on Disney Marathon weekend.  Years ago, I said I was going to run the marathon on my 35th birthday.  Then I ran two marathons, realized I didn’t really enjoy them, and changed my plans.  While I typically run at least the half, this year, I opted to save a bit of money and only signed up for the 10k.  It helped that this was the same plan a few friends were following.  We would run the 10k and then cheer at the half and the full.

This year was a bit different due to the new costume rules put out by runDisney.  People were no longer allowed to wear huge elaborate costumes, which was something very common during the 5k and 10k.  And we’re talking huge costumes.  Such as the woman who dressed as a Disney Dooney & Burke purse.  It was impressive.

I’m not a big costume person.  I think they’re annoying to run in.  So this didn’t affect me significantly, but I felt bad for the people who did put together costumes.  That said, I think I enjoy the Disney Bounding styles of costume even more – the people who take normal running gear and add small pieces to make themselves into Disney characters.  There are always so many clever ideas.

The race was… well, it was a race.  I ran with Katie and Caitlin, per our usual plan, and we ran Katie’s Galloway intervals of 30:30.  I prefer 1:1, but for a 10k, this definitely worked.  It also helped us a bit in the crowds.  I made the mistake of using an actual estimate of my finishing time instead of fudging the numbers, which it seemed like a lot of people did.  So we were stuck behind a lot of walkers and ended up doing a bit more walking than we would have liked.  It’s one of the perils of a Disney race – unless you’re in a front corral, you’re going to run into crowds.  This is actually part of the reason I opted to only do the 10k.  It’s frustrating to really train and then find myself unable to keep pace due to the crowds.  I don’t mean this as a complaint towards runDisney races, it’s just that I need to reframe my expectations.  I had fun during this race because I wasn’t thinking about time.  I wasn’t letting myself be frustrated by the crowds.  I just enjoyed the run.

The race was just the beginning of the weekend for me, so stay tuned for more!

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Hi guys! I’ve been waist training with a latex waist...

Hi guys! I’ve been waist training with a latex waist cincher for 12 weeks now and I am definitely seeing results with it despite not exercising as much as I know I should be… But I have gone down from a size 3XL waist trainer to a size 2 XL!!!

Connect with me:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMadamGemsies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadamGemsies?lang=en

Thanks for watching guys! Please subscribe for more videos and remember to do your research before deciding to start waist training so you can practice waist training safely. Have a good day! xoxox

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woensdag 13 januari 2016

Learn what celebrities have to say about waist training! You be...

Learn what celebrities have to say about waist training! You be the judge if waist training works or not! @@@LEARN MORE CLICK BELOW:@@@

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Shred Camp Workout #2: Sweat Factor- Maddie & Amanda

maandag 11 januari 2016

Voici une vidéo haul aliexpress, je vous présente quelques...

Voici une vidéo haul aliexpress, je vous présente quelques produits achetés récemment;) comme ma ceinture gainante ou west training, collant fantaisie ou des extensions.


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Yoga Core & Twists Abs Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Laurel Erilane

zaterdag 9 januari 2016

Here is a simple way to waist train. Waist training helps shape...

Here is a simple way to waist train. Waist training helps shape your midriff, loss inches, and helps your posture. You can use with topical products or not and still get the same results. Overall it takes patience and consistency. Be sure to subscribe and leave your questions down below if you have any. Thumbs up the video if this video was informative.








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vrijdag 8 januari 2016

Join the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge:...

Join the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge: http://bit.ly/waisttrainerchallenge

I am SOOOO excited for 2016 because this is FOR REAL going to be OUR YEAR. So many things planned for you guys. And a secret surprise at the end. YOU MUST WATCH.

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woensdag 6 januari 2016

Hello les filles, je vous propose aujourd'hui une video qui...

Hello les filles,
je vous propose aujourd'hui une video qui n'a rien à voir avec les cheveux. Mais une sorte de mini revue sur les corsets et le waist training ou l'art d’“essayer” d'affiner sa taille en portant un corset.
Découvrez mes corset, ou je les ai acheté, comment je les porte mais surtout si ça fonctionne réellement ou pas!

Lien pour l'achat des corsets et autre matériel de sport

Abonnez-vous : http://bit.ly/1kc4wZL

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- Twitter & Instagram : @babybratz1703

Une chaine pour parler de cheveux : crépus, défrisés ou en transition… Ici on parle produits, on parle hydratation, on parle… Beauté !

Corset et waist training - Materiel de sport | Mon point de vue See more on: vixenempire.com

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dinsdag 5 januari 2016

****INFO TO COME SOON **** Hair isn’t the most important...


Hair isn’t the most important thing in the world but, sometimes knowing you have a super cool ‘do’ can make you smile and that can only be a good thing right?

Welcome to Vintagious, here, in my own litttle corner of Youtube I will show you how to create beautiful hairstyles from all eras. Sure, my main focus is on simple vintage hairstyling but I also love easy modern styles.

I don’t have a favourite era, it changes all the time. One day it’ll be Edwardian hairstyles that I’m all over, the next, pinup girl hair, the next I’ll be all about Greek Goddesses and their crazy Barnets! I just love it all!

I do hope that you enjoy my videos and that you can learn something from them, even just a tiny bit - and even if you learn nothing I hope that they make you smile.


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maandag 4 januari 2016

Happy New Year! Let’s start off 2016 with one of my most...

Happy New Year! Let’s start off 2016 with one of my most highly requested videos: an update on my corset training (waist training) routine. I have switched over from a steel boned corset to a latex corset. Today I’m sharing with you the benefits of using a latex corset as well as a surprise challenge for all of us to do together. PS as I type this I’m sitting here with my corset on. Check out my previous tight lacing video for lots more information:
How To Corset Train using a Steel Boned Corset:

How I lost 60lbs after Pregnancy video:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Waist Training Pix From Instagram https://instagram.com/p/3hVuDpmSYt

In This Video I Have The Extreme 3 Hook Sport Cincher Color Blue Size 2X From ShapeCiti.com. It’s plus size waist training guys. It’s The ultimate waist training corset with 3 rows of hooks for additional adjustment ability! Perfect for getting that hourglass look! http://www.shapeciti.com/#!product/pr…

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