woensdag 1 februari 2017

Wednesday Workout Recap

This was pretty much my method for getting over my cold – and it seems to have worked.
Mysticsartdesign / Pixabay

This week could have been better. I blame people who work at my office.  By Tuesday, it was clear that I was coming down with a cold, so I decided to not go to swim practice, in the hopes that added rest would kick whatever was coming.  I also started taking Zinc and Vitamin C.  I was pretty tired for the rest of the week, and can’t tell you if I was just fighting something off or just being lazy, but I decided to go with it and basically missed all of my weekday workouts.

Saturday – So by the time my Saturday workout came around, I was feeling pretty darn rested!  Who knew!  Two hours on the trainer today, not structured, just an endurance workout.  I found a pretty good groove and it felt great.

Sunday – 11 mile run, my last long run before Donna.  This went spectacularly.  I’m not sure if that’s due to the week off or if it was just awesome conditions, but it was an awesome run and I hope that race day can somewhat approximate it.

My throat is still a little scratchy, but I’m honestly hoping that’s simply due to the super low humidity in the office.  I’ve got the humidifier up and running and I’m hoping for the best.

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