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Get a lean and athletic body...

Get a lean and athletic body FAST:

Hey guys, it’s Jonny with insanehomefatloss and today we are going to talk about making your waist smaller. A lot of people ask me how to make their waste smaller. Pay attention and check out this TRICK you can use, so you can get the lean body you want, well… instantly!

Video breakdown:

0:55 The truth is you were born with the hips you have, so you can’t actually make them smaller. As far as the waist, you can tighten them up but not too much, I’m sorry.

2:32 You need to workout and diet if you want to make your waist as small as possible. And I suggest doing some workouts on our insanehomefatloss channel if you want to do it fast.

3:53 Another key thing is to workout your abs when you are losing fat, so you have some muscles to show off when you cut all your fat down.

4:41 You can make your waist appear smaller. There are certain poses you can do that will help you when you take a photos or want to look good out. But make sure you don’t stop working out.

6:07 One of the things you can do is get in the mirror and practice poses that make you look the best. It might be embarrassing, but we all do it, so you’ll be fine.

7:20 And posing works… ask Arnold! That is how he made bodybuilding history!

8:20 Remember there are certain exercises you don’t want to do. I am talking about oblique muscles, because they will make you look boxy. And if you do decide to work them out for function, don’t use weights.

I hope this helps you as much as it has help me.

And if you want to get a flat stomach without starving yourself, check out this video now.

I use to starve myself with impossible diets, I did lose a couple of pounds but I always ended up gaining more weight back than when I started… and worst of all I had a ton of belly fat. But once I found this one weird “trick” my life changed and got the lean body I’ve always wanted.

In this video I show you this one weird eating “trick” I discovered, this way you can start using it to get rid of your belly fat and get the body you’ve always wanted also.

Train hard,


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