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Affordable Waist Trainers!! 2016| 2016 Please watch in HD Hi...

Affordable Waist Trainers!! 2016| 2016 Please watch in HD

Hi there!! As most of you may know, I had a baby March 2015, and since then I’ve developed a passion for fitness, health, and a better lifestyle. There is a new series on my channel ‘Fitness by Andrea J’ where I will be taking you along my weight loss journey. I began my journey in August of 2015 and went from 137 lbs to 110 lbs. My goal is 95-100 lbs …now I know that sounds unhealthy, but keep in my I am 4'11. :)

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Andrea J xoxo

Waist trainers!!! (in order of video)

Miss Belt

Kim K waist trainer

Pink waist trainer

FOH waist cincher

Postpartum Weight Loss Journey | 2016 (how I lost 30lbs)

What I Ate Wednesday | 2016

21 Day Fix Review & Tips (2016)!!!

Story time: Suicide of a Brother | Marquis Jackson Tribute | Suicide Awareness 2016


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