vrijdag 27 mei 2016

Friday Link Love

OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay

OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay

Just in time for a long weekend (for some of us, anyway, a list of links that piqued my interest over the past few weeks.

These are basically things that I bookmarked in my feed reader with the intent to share.  No specific timeframe.  Just things I liked.

Back to My Roots – Blogging has become such an industry that I see so many formerly great bloggers selling out in order to get more readers (but not necessarily more engaged readers), or to make more money have more opportunities.  That’s one way to go about it, but if it’s not your full-time job, why destroy a fun hobby?

A Lesson in Sharing – Along the same lines, what happens when your blog becomes an overshare?

Breakdown of the Brazilian Wax – Plus Size Style – Emmie’s writing is fabulous.  She has written one of my favorite race reports of all time, and this post does not disappoint.

Still Enough – But she does serious pretty darn well too.

You’re Not Broken, and You’re Not Weak – Staying on the serious train for a minute, I loved this post from Wil Wheaton.  Right now, there is a photo floating around that shows a picture of nature and says “This is an anti-depressant” and then over a photo of a pill it says “This is shit.”  Yeah, that’s great, except that walking through trees isn’t going to help anyone who doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed thanks to their depression.  Mental illness does not equal weakness.

Lessons Learned in 100 Miles – Great bike reminders for the advanced beginner.  You know how to ride your bike, but what else do you need to know?

Go learn a new skill with Scoot Stitches!

Nobody Likes a Pushover.  Oh Wait, Yes.  That’s Exactly Who They Like – When you’re a people pleaser, it’s hard to break yourself of that trend.  But you should.  Meredith also talks about this here.

Why the Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Phase Was a Huge Fail – As delicious as those low-fat cookies were, my diet is so much better now that fat has returned to its rightful place.

How I Came to Love Special Olympics – If you aren’t regularly reading Andi’s blog, you should

All the Other Megan Kirbys and Me – Change the last name and I could have written this.  There is a “me” who teaches at a local school, and the other day, I got a teacher catalog for her in the mail.  At my house.  How does this happen?

And to end on a high note, the ladies of Ghostbusters are a riot.

Finally some recipes, if you feel like cooking this long weekend:

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