woensdag 18 mei 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week was another slightly light week, which has been awesome since work has been so incredibly busy.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Structured hour long trainer ride.  I really love these, but don’t know how people get through them without some sort of distraction.

Wednesday – Easy 3 mile run followed by a strength workout.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  This one just felt good, like I figured out something with my form. I definitely felt stronger than I have in a while.  Could just be that I’m not so worn out.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 100 minute structured trainer ride.  I always think “Oh, this won’t be too bad” and then it nearly kills me.  I need to remember to fuel properly on trainer rides as well as on outdoor rides.  It could also be that I don’t think of 100 minutes as an hour and 40 minutes.  That makes it seem a bit longer.

Sunday – Volunteering all day, then a nice easy 4 mile run.  I consider the dancing I did at the finish line to stay warm part of my workout as well.

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