donderdag 1 juni 2017

May Mileage Update

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The quest for All The Data continues as I track my monthly mileage.  As I have mentioned before, I’ve only ever tracked yearly run mileage before, so I don’t have any set distance goals for 2017, but I’d like to see how far I go to figure out what sorts of goals I can set for 2018.

May Totals
Swim – 7.2 miles
Bike – 161 miles
Run – 43 miles

I actually had to double check that swim number to make sure it was right.  But I’ve been going to the pool at least once a week, usually twice, plus I had the 2.8 miles at Swim Fest tacked on, so I guess 7.2 miles isn’t that far off.  It’s still pretty darn impressive.

Biking and running remains relatively steady, which is exactly where it should be in my training at this point.  I think my biking number will pick up next month as I start getting in longer weekend rides.

Year to Date:
Swim – 21.9 miles
Bike – 921 miles
Run – 224 miles

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