vrijdag 22 januari 2016

Liveblogging the Blizzard of 2016

So… there’s a blizzard coming.  And because I will be stuck in my house for the foreseeable future, I thought I would try liveblogging the storm.  I’m not sure anyone will find this interesting except my mom, but I thought it might be a fun record to have.

Besides, it’s my blog.  I can do what I want.  So here we go.


7:00am – My boss is amazing and told us yesterday that we could telework today.  So I just got out of bed.  I’m exasperated, but not surprised that the federal government opted to open today.  Basically, the offices are open and employees can telework (if eligible), take a vacation day, or they can go in and then leave 4 hours early, but no later than noon.  They’re calling this a staggered departure to prevent everyone from being on the road at once, but I can think of one person in my office who might leave before 4 pm on a normal day.  The snow is supposed to start between 12 and 2.   This is a terrible idea.


The sunrise was really pretty today. The calm before the storm? Only time will tell.

8:00am – This quote from the local forecasters is interesting:

The way in which the system is presently developing also argues for the unbelievably-high totals to occur somewhere in this event. That somewhere could be here or very close by.

Yay snow?

8:50am – Pippin is hunkered down, ready for the snow.  Yes, I put a blanket in front of the heating vent for him.  Don’t judge me.


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