zaterdag 2 januari 2016

EXPAND DESCRIPTION: My written article (thoughts organized a...

My written article (thoughts organized a bit better than the video):

1:05 What is tight lacing?
What is waist training?:
1:45 - some considerations for the definition
3:05 - seemingly popular definition
5:30 What makes a corset suitable for tight lacing?
6:10 What makes a corset suitable for waist training?
8:30 Can you waist train using a tight lacing corset?

Contour Corsets:
Orchid Corsetry:
Heavenly Corsets:!/~/category/id=5525899&offset=0&sort=normal
Waisted Couture:
Starkers Corsetry:

Articles/ publications on waist training:
Romantasy - Corset Magic:
Fran’s Tightlacing Tips:

Other videos mentioned here:
How to buy a corset:
What is the best corset?
Corset Magic book review:

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What I’m wearing: tight lacing underbust from Sinner Couture (in a limited edition floral twill).

The article WAIST TRAINING vs TIGHT LACING (& suitable corsets) | Lucy’s Corsetry See more on:


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