maandag 29 februari 2016

In this video I shared my experience on Corset Training/ Waist...

In this video I shared my experience on Corset Training/ Waist Training 2014, and my before and after pictures, My results have been amazing, I have lost 2 inches in just 6 weeks, I bought my corset from Corset Story, the corset has 24 steel bones, and am loving it so far, if you want to start waist training do your research, you can also get your corset from Orchard Corset I heard they have got good quality Corsets too.

Remember to take it slow especially if you are a beginniner and Lace your Corset to an extent that you are comfortable in.
Be rest assured that you are going to have a Slim Waist when you corset train the right way.

Don’t forget to eat right and exercise to get a faster result.
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