woensdag 24 februari 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

I can’t believe that I came back from Florida just last week.

Monday – Rest day, traveling back from Florida.

Tuesday – Trainer workout

Wednesday – Easy 4 miles.  While watching a Flat Earth video on the recommendation of a coworker.  It was nuts, but totally distracting from the treadmill.

Thursday – Choir rehearsals.  Concert this weekend.  Normally we rehearse MWF on concert week, but Monday got cancelled for weather, and Wed got pushed to Thurs because of an event at the Cathedral.

Friday – Choir rehearsals. Two days in a row really hurts.

Saturday – 90 minutes on the trainer, a bike fit, and lugging an IKEA bedframe up the stairs and assembling it.  I count that as a strength workout.

Sunday – Supposed to do 8, but I opted to sleep in and had time for 5 before my concert.  Go me.

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