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Keeping Up With Everything

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As we enter into Spring (allegedly, given that it SNOWED yesterday), my training schedule is starting to ramp up into triathlon season.  I enjoyed the winter of base building, but I’m a little scared of what’s coming next.

I’m also dreading my twice-a-week swim because there is nothing I dislike more than getting to the pool at 6am and hoping I find a lane to share.

But this also means longer workouts and probably more two-a-day workouts.  And a lot of planning to make sure I’m keeping up with everything I have to do.

Last week was the first week that I got in all of my workouts in probably about a month, but for that, I blame bronchitis.  And it was hard.  My uncle was in town one night so I skipped my workout.  It was totally worth it, but then it meant I was four mile behind.  A quick exchange with my coach gave me a solution, but it wasn’t pretty.  Suddenly, I had a two hour brick workout on my schedule.  It went well, but the six mile run the next day did not.  My own fault for missing a workout.  The better plan would have been to get up early on Wednesday so I could run before work.  Lessons learned.

But my goal for the upcoming race season is to make sure that I prioritize my workouts while still managing to have a life. And that’s tough.  It’s going to mean getting up early to get in workouts.  While still making sure I get sufficient sleep.  And once the weather warms up, Saturday morning runs are going to have to happen early as well.  But that just leaves more time to enjoy the day.

For me, it’s all about looking at the week as a whole, figuring out what’s happening when, and what I have to do to make it all work.  It definitely gets a little crazy sometimes, but it’s worth it.

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