woensdag 20 april 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

I think meeting all my workouts for a week earns me a trophy, don’t you?

Monday – Rest day.  Okay, so this one’s hard to screw up.

Tuesday – I did NOT want to, but I went to the pool in the morning for a 1600m swim.  Once I actually got there, it wasn’t so bad.

Wednesday – I was exhausted after a late day at work, but ran 4 miles on the treadmill anyway.  This is where I earned that trophy.

Thursday – Team swim.  This was awesome.  Lots of long drills with little rest.  It was perfect and I felt like I really got in a solid workout.  It showed that I need to strengthen my neck muscles though.

Friday – Hour structured trainer workout followed by a hilly one mile run through the neighborhood.

Saturday – Ten mile run.  It went really well until my asthma kicked in around mile nine.  I have exercise induced asthma but it really doesn’t bother me often.  It manifests in a sort of wheezy cough at the end of a workout, and it isn’t bad, just makes it tough to run.  I wonder if the sheer amount of pollen in the air caused the flare up.  I didn’t bring my inhaler with me, but I should have.  I always carry it racing, just not always while training.

Sunday – Joined the group bike ride at Princeton Sports.  It was tough and also scary being out on my tri bike for the first time with the group.  But according to my Strava data, I had a pretty sweet ride. So I just have to keep on killing it.

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