maandag 4 juli 2016

It’s Race Week Again!

Rev 3 LogoAfter a crazy May, I was really looking forward to June.  June would be nice and easy, a month with no races (except for the 5K I added at the last minute).

I’m not sure what happened, but June is gone and it’s July and race week is here again.  (Well, I know what happened.  June went to training and way too many hours at work.)

So this weekend, I’m racing the Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic tri.  I raced last year, when it was under Challenge.  But it’s back to Rev3, and the course is changed this year, so in some ways, it’s a whole new race.  Also, it should be much cooler than last year, at least in terms of ambient temps.  I believe we were right around 100 degrees last year, and the forecast should be slightly cooler (though not enough, in my opinion).

It should definitely be an interesting race, as the bike course is mostly flat, and that’s not my favorite.  I’m faster on a flat course, of course, but I like hills.  Mostly, I like downhills, but for that, you need uphills.  So I’m not sure what my race will be like.  I have an A goal and a B goal, but overall, my goal is just to finish strong, whatever happens.  I just have to get my brain back into race mode.  Sunday still feels so far away.  It’s not July yet, right?

Oh wait, it’s the 4th.  Happy Independence Day, America!  Go light some stuff on fire and burn some stuff on the grill and celebrate like true patriots.

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