dinsdag 19 juli 2016

Treadmill Training Tips

I bought my treadmill five years ago.

Apparently, I bought my treadmill five years ago.  And I have beaten the odds!  My treadmill is not used for hanging clothes or stacking things.  I run on it at least once a week, much more in the cold months.  I use it for short runs, long runs (I’m not sure what my max is, but I’ve regularly done 10+ mile runs), speedwork, and hill work.  While treadmill runs do get old after a while, there are ways to mix it up and keep them exciting.

First off, I need to distract my brain.  I can’t just run and stare at the wall.  That does not work for me.  I cover up the screen so I can only see my pace (helpful when I’m running intervals), and then set my watch to beep so I know when to run/walk.  I’m sure I could make the treadmill do this for me, but I haven’t bothered with the settings.  Once I’m sure I’m not watching the time tick away, I put something good on the tv.  I often save “good” tv shows to watch while on the treadmill, or I rent a movie for longer runs.  Whatever it takes to keep my brain a bit distracted while I run.

I have the tv set a bit away from the treadmill.  I know some people who use an iPad set on the treadmill display, but I can’t watch something that close.  If you don’t have a tv available, consider watching something on a laptop placed on a tray table or whatever you may have laying around.  Barring that, go for music, podcasts, or audio books.  Whatever it takes.

Next, I generally try to mix it up a bit.  Even if I just have a long run, I’ll play with the pace or the incline.  Anything to change things up for my legs.  If I were running outside, my pace wouldn’t be completely steady and the ground wouldn’t be completely flat, so the variety makes things at least a little bit more realistic.

Finally, if I need to, I break it up.  If I have a 10 mile run, I might run 5, then stop and grab something to drink, stretch, then do the last 5 miles.  We’re not talking a long break, but it’s something to look forward to as I work through the distance.

Any other treadmill runners out there?

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