woensdag 13 juli 2016

Looking forward to Augusta

A cat familyI’m not going to bother with a weekly workout recap since last week was a major taper week.  Basically, last week, I rode a little, biked a little, and swam very little, and then did a race.

I also must share this picture of a very important cat family that hung in our condo bedroom.  This is a very serious family.  But I suppose that is the way of old fashioned cat portraiture.

This week is another light week in terms of training, just a lot of easy recovery.  I’m feeling really good today – no lingering soreness, and the little bits of pink from the sun have already faded.  (Seriously, Zealios is a fabulous sunscreen.)

It’s a little scary to think that my next race is a 70.3.  I’m definitely feeling unprepared, but that’s what the next many number of weeks (I refuse to count because it will make me nervous, and yes, I realize there is a countdown in my sidebar) are for.  This weekend’s schedule is pretty easy, but next weekend starts the massive bike miles.

That said, I felt pretty good during this weekend’s race, and it makes me feel more confident in September’s 70.3.  Yes, the course is significantly different, but here’s my logic.  The swim was fast.  The swim for Augusta will also likely be fast because of the current.  Thumbs up.  For the bike, this was a flatter course, but I held a fabulous pace, faster than I thought I could, so that’s huge.  The run was a hot slog, but again, faster than I thought it would be, so that shows I can push when I need to.

My only time goal for Augusta 70.3 is to get an official finishing time – so under 8.5 hours.  8:29:59?  That counts.  Of course, I would like to be faster so I’m not totally stressing out on my run.  If I can be onto the run course with 3.5 hours left, I will be happy.  More than 3.5 hours and I will be delighted.  So really, the goal for the next few weeks is to really work on my bike skills.  Lots of hill riding, lots of long hard workouts.  I’ll get there, but it’s going to be an adventure.

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