woensdag 6 juli 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week was kind of a bummer in terms of training.

Monday and Tuesday, I was on travel for work. I joked that on the trip (which started Sunday), I was probably going to get my full 40 hour work week in.  I got 36 hours.  In three days.  Which I realize plenty of nurses do (see, Caitlin, I do pay attention), but then I had to go back to the office for my normal hours Wednesday through Friday.  Needless to say, I was exhausted.

Wednesday – Yep, still exhausted.  Got home around 11 Tuesday night, worked a full day Wednesday, and did not have the energy to get in my workout.  Alas.

Thursday – Went to swim practice. Good job self.

Friday – Spent about 30 minutes on my bike and then sat on the couch.

Saturday – Sweaty 4 mile run.

Sunday – FINALLY.  Easyish 20 mile ride.  I think I have caught up on my sleep.  Hooray!

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