maandag 12 september 2016

Officially in Taper

I thought this was a good visual of how I’m feeling right now. OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

This weekend was my last big workout weekend in my training for IM Augusta 70.3  I’m not sure I’m ready to be tapering.  Tapering means the race is soon!  I have so much to do before the race!

So of course, I’m making lists.  Lists upon lists upon lists.  Things I need to pack.  Things I need to do before I leave.  And of course, work is also crazy right now, so there are plenty of lists there.

One big thing I’m trying to do right now is not let other people’s stress get to me.  There’s a great Augusta Facebook group out there, and I appreciate all the tips, but I have to be careful to not let the stressed out people feed into my nerves.  I’m ready for this race.  I’ve done everything I need to do to get there.  And while it’s fine to be worried, I’m not going to let myself feel one ounce of concern for the people who didn’t bother to put in the work.  In triathlon, as in so many other things, you get out what you put in.  If you put in garbage, don’t be surprised when you don’t finish.

Of course, I have a bunch of taper workouts I still need to get done.  So I’ll just focus on that, on work, and on getting enough sleep and eating properly.  Race day is coming for me, and I will be ready.


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