woensdag 7 september 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

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Is it over yet?  How do people train for twice this distance?

Monday – Easy 45 minute bike.  So tired.

Tuesday – Swim was cancelled, so I got in a quality trainer ride.

Wednesday – 4 mile run scheduled, but after two, my knee started to twinge.  Probably nothing, but I decided the extra two miles wasn’t worth the risk.  Looking back, I was probably just tired and needed to slow down the treadmill because my form wasn’t good.

Thursday – Long swim intervals.  Very long swim intervals.  The 1.2 swim at Augusta is going to feel like nothing!

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 61 mile ride.  It felt very sluggish, then I realized that I had very much overdone the hill work.  Whoops.  Again, Augusta will feel like nothing.  Followed up by a 2 mile run.

Sunday – 12 mile run.  This was decidedly not fast but I opted to not push it and just enjoy the run.

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