dinsdag 6 september 2016

Why I’m Tired All The Time

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This weekend, I had a four day weekend.  SO MANY DAYS!  And yet it felt like I had no time at all.  Let’s look at what I did.

Friday – I slept in til the cats decided that it was breakfast time.  At 7am.  And they already had food in their bowl.  Thanks, cats.  Having been out of town the previous weekend and working and working out most of the week, my house was an absolute disaster, so I set myself to trying to make it less of a disaster.  I did four loads of laundry, vacuumed everything, cleaned up the kitchen, attempted to reorganize some cabinets, changed bedding, pulled some weeds in the front yard, went through the giant stack of mail and papers that had piled up, dropped some boxes off with a friend, went to the grocery store, and did some research on flooring for my office for when the damaged wall is finally repaired sometime this month (I hope).  I got everything ready for my bike ride the next morning and collapsed into bed.

Saturday, I set out for a 60 mile bike ride.  I had what I thought was a decent route planned.  Good hill work, but easy to navigate.  I found myself struggling to hit my goal training pace, but decided to just push and not worry about it. I got rerouted due to a 5k so I had to do a hill I strongly dislike and tacked on a few miles, but no worries.  Then I got in my 2 mile run.

Later in the day, when I uploaded my data, I realized why the ride had been so hard.  I had managed to map myself 4500 feet of climbing. Augusta is only 2300 (assuming the course is rerouted as many believe it will be).  So… it’s good training, right?

After riding, I went to help some awesome friends move.  Many hands definitely make light work, and it was awesome to be able to lend a hand and also get to help out.

Went home, showered, collapsed.

Sunday, I got up, ran 12 miles, came home, showered, ate, and hit the road for New Jersey, where I was meeting up with some friends from college.  I missed the first part of the weekend due to all my training, but was excited to get to spend at least some time with them.  And watch football.  Which was stressful.  Even though I wasn’t there 24 hours, it was totally worth the almost 8 hours of driving and I am determined to make it to the next gathering, hopefully in January.

Monday, drove home on about 4 hours of sleep, got a few more things done around the house, cooked lunch for the next two days and collapsed into bed.

I do not understand how people train for a race twice this long and still manage to do anything.  Regardless of distance or ability, this is the reason why I will never do a full distance triathlon.  I just can’t fathom the hours I would have to put in, nor do I ever want to do that.

I’m looking forward to October.  In October, I will sleep.

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