dinsdag 1 november 2016

Cheering Report – 2016 Marine Corps Marathon

Huge congrats to all of the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K runners!  This race was no joke this year.  Ridiculously warm temperatures.  I think it got up to 81 degrees out there.  Considering that we had our first frost earlier in the week, that’s just insane.  And definitely tough on the runners.

Yes, I was the girl handing out SunRype on the course.

Yes, I was the girl handing out SunRype on the course.

This year was definitely a bit different.  Normally, we’re out early, catch the majority of the 10K racers and then wait to cheer on the marathoners as well.  This year, because of the Metro work, the 10K course was completely changed and we ended up just cheering the marathon.  It meant I could sleep in!  Thanks, Metro?

It’s definitely always a balance as to what to bring and how much.  This year, we had Twizzlers, beer (and cups), a few Cokes, SunRype bars, cookies, donut holes, candy, and tons of pretzels.  And we definitely ran out.  We always try to save for the 13+ minute milers, because we know how tough it is to be later in the race and have spectators already gone, so we make a point to be there and to have snacks.  We also did a lot of handing out ice from our cooler.  People were dying out there.  It was just so warm, and coming off the 14th Street bridge, where there was no shade, people were melting.

I was so impressed with all the people running.  People really did their best to push through some pretty tough conditions.  And it was awesome to be out there and feel like I was helping, even a little bit.  If you haven’t spectated a marathon before, I really recommend it.  It’s a lot of fun.

Even if you do end up with a tendinitis flare afterwards because of all of your cowbell ringing.  Only I can injure myself cheering.  Cowbell Wrist.  It’s a thing.

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