maandag 14 maart 2016

I think I love Daylight Saving Time

khfalk / Pixabay

For those of you who participate in DST, we “sprung forward” this weekend.  If you forgot, well, you might be late for work.  It’s always a bit of an adjustment, and I do wish it happened at the beginning of the weekend to make that adjustment easier, but here we are.

It was nice leaving for work while the sun was out, which certainly did not happen this morning.  But at the same time, it’s also nice to have sunlight in the evening hours.  I might get to ride my bike outside during the week finally!  I love my trainer, but I really need to get better at handling my tri bike before race season starts in May.  Otherwise, race season is going to be a joke.

I’ve heard a lot of people lamenting about how they can’t get up unless the sun is out.  I get up in the dark in standard time and daylight saving time, so I do not understand this problem.  No one likes getting out of bed.

I was reading up on some of the rationale and benefits of DST, and while you will hear things about farming and energy consumption, basically it comes down to “People like having sunlight hours after their work hours.”  Farmers don’t like it, and it probably doesn’t reduce energy consumption.  So I’m pretty sure it’s just for fun.  Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.  I like having sunlight left after I leave the office.

What are your thoughts on DST?


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