woensdag 30 maart 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap


Hopefully this was the last week of terrible workout recaps.  Basically, the month of March was kind of a wash when it comes to training and that is a huge disappointment.

Monday – Rest day.  Hey, I got this one right!

Tuesday – Did a low gear trainer workout.  Actually went okay because I was just going low and slow.

Wednesday – Hit the treadmill for 4 miles.  Hacked my way through 2 miles, realized I was being an idiot and stopped.

Thursday – Given the coughing and snot, the pool was the last place I wanted to be, so I skipped this one.

Friday – Nope.

Saturday – Took my tri bike outside for the first time.  Spent about 75 minutes riding.  It was nice and easy, but it was awesome to start to learn how to ride in aero.  Now, how I’m going to eat or get to my rear bottles on this bike is an issue, but Future Megan will figure it out.

Sunday – First outdoor training run of the year.  Finally!  Did an easy 6 and it went surprisingly well.  Not as much coughing as I feared.  Maybe I will make it through Cherry Blossom.  Fingers crossed.

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