woensdag 2 maart 2016

Wednesday Workout Recap

Hump day!  We’ve made it to the midpoint of the week!

Last week was busy.  Aren’t they all though?

Monday – Rest day.  Choir rehearsals.  Not restful.

Tuesday – FTP test.  I came out of this pretty bummed that my watts were so low, but whatever, I have plenty of room for improvement then.

Wednesday – Long day at work, big storms, so by the time the day was done, I was also done, so I grabbed pizza and drinks with a friend.  I needed the mental break.

Thursday – Swim practice.  This one was frustrating because I kept getting clobbered in the lane.  We were also down a coach, so the solo coach was working with the new swimmers and the rest of us were left with sprints.  So many sprints.  It wasn’t a fun workout.

Friday  – Trainer Ride

Saturday – Got on the bike to do my first workout with my new FTP scores… and something was really wrong.  My numbers were way higher than they should be… but much more in line with where I though they should be.  Using the formula for estimating FTP, I should be aiming for at least 300 watts as a goal.  Now, I know I’m not the best cyclist, plus I have heart rate limitations, so I expect to be well below that, but not as low as I was seeing on Monday.  So instead of doing the workout, I redid the FTP test, and tacked on some riding to get me to 90 minutes on the trainer.  These numbers are much more reasonable.  My power meter got an update over the week, so I’m thinking that’s what fixed the issue.

Sunday – 10 mile run.  Yay.  At least Cherry Blossom won’t be too much of a surprise.

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