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The Types of People at the Pool

iannnnn / Pixabay

iannnnn / Pixabay

I’m lucky enough to be able to do one swim workout a week with Team Fight, but my other swim workout is at the public pool.  You definitely encounter an interesting mix of people at the pool.

Of course, there are the normal people of varying paces.  Fast people, slow people, you see a variety.  So if you’re worried about being at the pool and being the slow person, don’t worry – no one cares.  If your pool (like mine) has indications of where the faster swimmers should be, then go with that (I swim in the medium speed lanes), but other than that, go be you.

However, there are always some notable people.

I’ve discussed Nude Swimming Trunks Guy before.  Skinny old dude with flesh tone swimming trunks.  It’s not a good look.  Never buy a suit that matches your skin.  This guy has upgraded to a patterned look, but there’s a new Nude Swimming Trunks Guy!  He’s more olive complected, so his trunks are probably some sort of khaki.  Again, not a great look.

Then there’s Butterfly Guy.  When you swim in a public pool, you often have to split a lane.  No big deal.  Lanes are pretty big.  Unless you’re swimming butterfly.  Then there’s just not enough room.  Butterfly Guy doesn’t care, and will clobber you every lap without caring.  Butterfly Guy is a Class A jerk.

Last week, there was Race Number guy who still had his triathlon race number tattoos on his arms and legs.  We get it, guy.  You did a triathlon.  You don’t need to still wear your numbers.  (Note – permanent marker you’re still working to scrub off is acceptable.)

My pool also has all the water walkers.  These are typically old ladies who cruise along in the deep part of the pool with their flotation belts or pool noodles, chatting as they “walk.”  These ladies are no joke.  Have you ever tried water walking?  It’s some serious work!

And never underestimate people at the pool.  This week, there was a guy at the pool with a walker.  He came shuffling up to the pool, very gingerly lowered himself in… and then busted out some insanely fast laps!  He was a machine!  Just goes to show, you can’t judge anyone by their looks.

What sort of interesting “types” show up at your pool?

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