maandag 20 juni 2016

Warm Summer Weekend

creek and trees

This was supposed to be a lovely shot of the creek and trees along my run, but instead it looks like a very green mess.

Dear summer,

It is so very nice to see you.  I mean, I knew you were coming, but could you maybe chill with the blasting of humidity?  That would be awesome, thanks.

Love, Me.

This was my first big weekend of outdoor fitness in a while.  We’ve had so many storms that I’ve ended up indoors more than I would like.  So it was pretty awesome to be outside.  The humidity wasn’t great, but it was proof that my sunscreen does work.

I do need to make sure I get in a bunch of hot weather workouts over the summer, since my 70.3 is likely to be pretty darn warm.  It’s a little worrisome, since my pace (like almost everyone’s) slows in the heat, but the longer I spend in it, the easier it will get, right?  Something like that anyway.

This weekend’s ride was only 30 miles, and I’m actually impressed at how not awful it was.  I was tired when we were done, but not overly so.  And today, my legs feel pretty okay.  Of course, for a good chunk of it, I wasn’t seriously pushing, but still, 30 miles.

That said, in not so many weeks, I’ll be training 60 mile rides, so… we’ll see how I feel after those.  I do need to cut some time off of my 30 mile ride to feel more comfortable with the time limits at Augusta, but I’m getting there.  I just need to stick to it.  I’m sure I can make the progress I need in the next few months.

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